Becks Songbook-Album

Becks Sheet Music

Becks neues Album kommt als Songbook mit Noten (via Publique), illustriert von unter anderem Marcel Dzama und Jessica Hische. Das Ding wird nicht produziert und freilich wird seine komplette Fanbase halbwegs durchdrehen, die Songs spielen und auf Youtube posten. Außerdem umgeht er damit auf 'ne genause einfache wie schlaue Weise Filesharing. Ziemlich smarter Move, der noch eine weitere Implikation haben wird, die ich nicht auf dem Schirm hatte: Becks kommende Konzerte werden explodieren, weil jeder die neuen Songs in der Beck-Version hören will. Hatte ich nicht bedacht, brillante Idee! Schöner Artikel dazu auf Forbes:

BeckYou can’t just download this album, you have to buy it. It’s not digital, it’s paper. Beck has successfully found a loophole in our digital addictions. A loophole that will find musicians and non-musicians alike wanting to purchase such a novelty, either to play the music privately, publicly, or simply to follow along while listening to the world bring the music to life. Sure, someone will probably scan the sheet music into pdfs and send them around, but my gut tells me that, since Beck isn’t recording this music himself, the only way for Beck fans to truly experience Beck within this medium is to buy the full-color, beautifully designed package in a store.

The other brilliant thing this idea does for Beck, the musician, is create wild anticipation for his next concert. I’m assuming he’ll have one, and that he’ll actually perform some of these songs. If I were him, I’d wait at least a year, though. Let the fans cycle through the recording, the user-generating, the social sharing, the commentary, the everything, first. Let the anticipation build (for free, I might add). Then come out with the concert. Maybe even bring on stage some of Beck’s favorite online performers of his work to play their interpretations. Or play his favorite fan-generated YouTube clips during the concert with some Beck commentary to go with it. The possibilities are ruthlessly endless. But I know I would go to that show, and I’m not a huge Beck fan.