Geek Stereotype-Portraits

Geek Stereotype-Portraits

Jake Warga reist durch Amerika und fotografiert Nerds und Geeks auf Conventions und Konferenzen. Heraus kommt eine Gegenüberstellung von Geek-Stereotypen von Modelleisenbahnliebhabern, Furries, Crazy Cat Ladies, den Stonern auf der Hemp Con bis Steampunks. Toll!

Wired hat ein Interview mit dem Mann:

Some of the things Warga says he has learned from all the expos include: scrapbookers are the most paranoid people; makeup used by amateur zombie and corpse freaks is as good, if not better, than in Miramax horror sequels; and that if “Erotic” is in the title of any convention, the reality is the opposite.

Of his subjects, the furries are the nicest: “Granted, there’s a lot of teens on E, but they all wanted to hug me after I’d taken their portrait,” he says. The cat owners are the most amusing: “[The movie] Best in Show doesn’t come close to describing the insanity of those pet competitions!”

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