3D-printed Fetus on Video

Letzte Woche hatte ich über die 3D-gedruckten Föten aus Japan gebloggt, jetzt hat DigInfo ein Interview mit Fasotec, die den Service als Promo für ihre 3D-gedruckten Modelle aus Skelett- und Organ-Scans gestartet haben.

At Fasotec, we offer a medical service called Bio-Texture Modeling. This captures images of each patient's bones and organs using CT or MRI, to obtain 3D data, which is processed and printed in 3D. We can make extremely lifelike models, so physicians and medical students can use them to practice incisions and learn about structures in the body. We wanted to let the public know about this kind of technology, which was designed for healthcare and industry. So, we've started this service as a spin-off.

Print a 3D model of your unborn baby with the 'Shape of an angel' service (via PopSci)

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