Making Of Classic Wrecks: Abandoned Batmobile and other rotten Toys

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Schönes Portrait von Etsy über John Findra, der bei ihnen Modelle von verlassenen und verrottenden Autos verkauft. Ich bin mir sehr sicher, dass ich über die rostigen Spielzeugautos schonmal gebloggt habe, find's aber nicht. Sei's drum, Snip:

John Findra took the top down on his 2007 black Corvette at my request. We were starting our day with a trip across Hardeeville, South Carolina, to visit an auto body shop that inspires his artwork, 1:24 models of abandoned junker cars. On the drive, John told me that his love affair with automobiles goes back to childhood memories of the 1950s. It was the era of tailfins, chrome and custom color combinations, marketed in print and TV to the first car culture generation. John recalls cutting pictures of cars out of magazines and playing with them on the floor of his family’s New Jersey home. He keeps his love of the machines from those days alive by building them in replica. By his account, he has assembled thousands of models in his lifetime since completing his first at age seven. These days, much of his business comes from customers seeking replicas of their favorite old cars.

Trans AM from the Bandit MoviesAlso: „Screamin Eagle Trans Am Pontiac [from the] Bandit movies“! Whoa!

The iconic Screamin Eagle Trans am pontiac that was featured in the Bandit movies. This one is wrecked and represents what it might look like in some abandoned barn in Georgia. The engine is detailed with wiring and hoses, the trunk lid is opened and loosely hinged with rusty trunk floor installed. Has the graphic Eagle on the hood and has plenty of body rot.

Abandoned BatmobileUnd: Batmobile! Seltsamerweise hat der Mann bislang noch keine verrottende Version von Mad Max' Interceptor gemacht, da geht also noch was. Jedenfalls: Batmobile!

Here is a replica of the orginal batmobile car from the tv series of the mid sixties. This one has been laying around in the damp bat cave for awhile since its very rusty. This is a very stylist car that Batman and robin fought crime in Gotham City. Made from a platic kit and then weathered to give it a great patina..

Futura 2000 x UNKLE: Actionfigures for Turntables

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Abandoned Popculture-Megastructures

Lovely renderings by Filip Hodas (Instagram, Behance, Prints at Society6). I especially dig the giant Pacman-Wrecking-Ball and the abandoned Bender-Head.


Reddits Dogbirds habe been Vinyltoy'd by korean design studio Thirdstage, all 4 here for 50 bucks, single Dogbirds available here…

Sucklords Gay Empire 10th Anniversary-Edition

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Fake ISIS-Lego

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Dead Kennedys Fidget Spinner

Fuck yeah capitalism!

The Hovering Art Director Action Figure

Adobe hat eine „Hovering Art Director Action Figure“ am Start. Leider nur ein Promo-Tool für ein Gewinnspiel, aber man kriegt…

Freddie and Bruce and the Scream

So, the funny Actionfigureshenaniganstweetoh すえきち‏ @suekichiii bought Edvard Munchs Der Schrei and he's obviously having a good time.

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Clever Graffiti-Skull with Abandoned-Building-Eye-Sockets

Toller Skull von Greg „Suitswon“ Suits auf einem kaputten Gebäude mit riesigen Fassadenloch-Augenhölen in New Yorks Greenpoint. Fotos von Raphael…