Kimble Raid on Videotape

Grade werden im Zuge der Verhandlung gegen Kimble und MegaUpload Videomaterial von der Hausdurchsuchung veröffentlicht, oben das erste Videomaterial. Sieht aus, wie 'ne Mischung aus 'nem Ego-Shooter und Urheberrechts-Kriegsberichterstattung.

The police raid on the Dotcom mansion has been discussed for so many months and now the footage of that morning has begun to emerge. It generally shows what was always said to have happened, but it sheds little light on why it happened. The FBI is charging Dotcom with internet piracy on a massive scale. He and his lawyers, both here and in America, assert no helicopters were needed to arrest him, no police officers with semi-automatic weapons with the FBI not too far in the background.

VIDEO: What really happened in the Dotcom raid? (via Hacker News)