High Frequency Trading GIF'd

Die Marktanalysten von Nanex haben das Volumen des Börsenhandels von 2007 bis 2012 und damit die Explosion des High Frequency Trading in einem animierten GIF visualisiert (meine Version hier ist extrem condensed, das Original-GIF ist 7MB dick und ich hab da circa 2000 Frames rausgeschmissen, unbedingt das Original auf Motherboard ansehen). Die Animation beginnt gemächlich im Jahr 2007 mit einem „geringen“ Prä-Finanzkrisen-Handelsvolumen und explodiert Ende 2011 in einer Börsen-AI auf Steroiden. This won't end well.

High Frequency Trading as a GIF

This is what High Frequency Trading — the official monicker of Wall Street’s robot army — looks like, when specially programmed computers make massive bets at lightning speed. Created by Nanex, the GIF charts the rise of HFT trading volumes across all US stock exchanges between 2007 and 2012. The initial murmur, the brewing storm, the final detonation: Not just unsettling, it’s terrifying.

We also don’t know is what the long term consequences are of all this hyper-volume as depicted by the Nanex GIF and the kind of systemic risks created from the market’s ongoing evolution from human traders to rapidfire AI. Sometimes things go wrong, a software glitch, an algorithm gone rogue and the music stops, like last week when Knight Capital lost $10 million a minute when it’s trading platform went haywire or during the infamous Flash Crash when the Dow dropped 1000 points in mere minutes.

This is What Wall Street's Terrifying Robot Invasion Looks Like