Beer on Steroids: Never Mind the Anabolics

Die Jungs der Brauerei Brew Dog haben zu den Olympischen Spielen ein Bier mit Dopingmitteln gebraut. Steroide sind nicht wirklich drin, wurden aber in Testphasen mitgebraut. Das ist übrigens dieselbe Brauerei, die bereits Bier mit Viagra braute und ihre Flaschen in ausgestopften Eichhörnchen verkaufte.

In order to protest corporate sponsorship of the Olympics, Scottish brewery BrewDog (makers of Viagra beer) created a limited edition IPA which supposedly contains a number of substances that have been banned for athletes competing in the Olympics, including Creatine, Guarana, Lycii Berries, Kola Nut, Gingko, Matcha Tea, Maca Powder and Steroids.

But don’t think you can just buy one of these things and start drinking your way toward buffness, because a spokesperson for the brewery admits that steroids were only brewed into the initial test batch, which cannot be purchased.

Never Mind The Anabolics! (via Nerdalicious)