Illegal O******s: Crowdsourced Book about olympic Pirate-Marketing

Craig Atkinson sammelt grade Fotos von „illegal“ mit olympischen Symbolen gebrandeten Läden, um einen Fotoband als semi-soziologische Studie zu veröffentlichen. Schickes Projekt, ich halte Schattenwirtschaften von Schwarzmarkt bis Piraterie in allen Formen für wirtschaftlich nicht nur logisch, sondern auch für sinnvoll. Natürlich nicht für die Corporate Businesskasper.

The book isn't a 'name and shame', or a 'snitch' just a document of the celebration. For a long time I have collected things, including images or scans of things. One of those things is hand-made signs, another is serviettes, another is found photographs, all categorised as collections of certain things. My personal view is that the Olympic branding laws are too harsh and prevent the 'British Spirit'. I think it would be great to see every shop front have hand-drawn Olympic rings on its window. A lot of my books document something that is either transient, ephemeral or could potentially be of sociological interest in the future. This is 'just another' of them. I am documenting something that wont last, but which is here now.

Illegal O******s (via IZ Reloaded)