The Beatles Complete on Ukulele is complete now

The Beatles Live on Ukulele startete vor dreieinhalb Jahren (hier mein Posting von damals). Das Projekt postete jede Woche dienstags bis zu den Olympischen Spielen ein Beatles-Cover, alle 185 Songs von John, Paul, George und Ringo. Jetzt haben sie den letzten Song online gestellt, passenderweise: „The End“. Fantastisches Projekt, schönes Konzept und bis zum Ende durchgezogen. Glückwunsch! (Video oben: deutsches Cover von „If I need someone“ von Christian Jahl, Martin Schmidt und David Barratt.)

What a wonderful journey. Our youngest contributor was Luke Serrano (aged 4 at time of recording), our oldest, Harry Steinberg (currently 102). We have lost a couple along the way.

Our final song is dedicated to our brethren Gregory Russell Clark and Victor Spinetti who both left this mortal coil before the project was complete. There was only one way to finish this project and that was with this song.

A band that started with the self-centered, childish pleading of “Love Me Do” ends with: "And in the end, the love you take Is equal to the love you make". Who knows if it’s true, but it is a touching and tender way for The Beatles to sign off and we have followed their lead. The drum intro to the ukulele version is performed by Billy Ward and then Isabella Serrano (aged 10) leads the mass ranks of the performers who have given their time and talent to this massive effort sing the final few lines. A fitting goodbye.

Thank you to everybody involved in creating The Beatles Complete on Ukulele.

The Beatles Complete on Ukulele

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