Gentle Head-Massage for a Baby-Owl

Aaaaaaaaaw! Pamela Tan hat eine Baby-Eule gefunden und aufgezogen und zuhause gibt's Kopf-Massagen.

This owl was not bought from a pet store (i don't think theres any pet store here that sales owl in Malaysia). I found it near my house street when i was about to go jogging. It (not surer male or female but my family decided to name it Caesar) was still very young and i think it fell off the nest when it was learning how to fly. Caesar could not fly yet ,alone and there were many cats around my neighborhood so my maid suggested that we should take care of it until Caesar is mature enough to fly by its own. So we kept and raised it for 3 months and now Caesar is out there somewhere around my neighborhood tree or something. So in a way, Caesar was once my pet and this vid was taken during the days i was raising it.