Post-Apocalyptic Rat-Diner as Art

Laura Ginn aus Brooklyn ist Fotografin und macht sowas wie Survival- und Selbstversorgungs-Kunst, fotografiert sich selbst beim Schlachten und Häuten und solche Sachen. Tatsächlich spannendes Feld und relativ neu, glaube ich. Jetzt hat sie sich per Kickstarter eine Ausstellung finanzieren lassen, in deren Mittelpunkt ein post-apokalyptisches Dinner stand. Serviert wurden schick zubereitete Ratten.

at this dinner the centerpieces, such as they were, were small piles of rat bones — a tiny section of rib here, a spine there. “They’re all from the rats you are enjoying,” Ms. Ginn said, as people sat down to eat at tables covered with faded American flags. […]

Twenty people, mostly friends of Ms. Ginn or the gallery owner, Ms. LaViola, nibbled on goat cheese bruschetta topped with rat leg tenderloin, and rat-pork terrine encircled with beef fat, prepared by a chef after much trial and error with his proteins. The rats were shipped from a United States Department of Agriculture-approved West Coast processor that supplies pet owners with humanely killed, individually flash-frozen rodents, in classifications ranging from “jumbo” to “fuzzy.” Seventy five rats were skinned and cooked — and broiled and smoked and grilled — for the dinner, and most guests paid $100 each to attend, signing a liability waiver, some not entirely willingly. […]

Fear was not the issue. “I like rats,” he said. “They’re friendly. You can train them. They have personalities.” For Ms. Ginn skinning and eating rats represents the survivalist instincts she likes to explore in her work. “To have these sorts of skills, it’s very empowering,” she said. “It makes me feel like I have more control over my world.”

Contemplating urban wildlife in New York naturally led her to rats. “I could’ve gone pigeon,” she allowed. But, she added, “I think people are a little more comfortable with pigeon, and I wanted to put people outside of their comfort zone.”

Dinner at an Exhibition - Rat, Prepared Many Ways, hier die dazugehörige Fotostrecke: Rodent Feast und falls die Paywall zuschlägt: NYTClean. (via Art Info)

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