Shooting a DIY Satellite into Space for Art

DIY Science als Kunstprojekt, ein selbstgebauter Satellit im Orbit als Installation. Mag ich sehr gerne, die Idee (auch wenn's bereits genug Weltraumschrott gibt). Die Story kommt zwar von der Daily Mail, aber ich nehm' denen das ab, hier die Website der Open Source Satellite Initiative. Also: Baikanur Chipmunk approves.

‘Making a satellite is no more difficult than making a cellphone,’ said Song Hojun, 34, who said he built the $500 OpenSat to show people they could achieve their dreams. ‘I believe that not just a satellite, but anything can be made with the help of the Internet and social platforms. I chose a satellite to show that symbolically.’ […]

The bespectacled Song spent nearly six years combing through academic papers, shopping online at sites that specialise in components that can be used for space projects, and rummaging through electronic stores hidden in the back alleys of Seoul. He ran a small electronics business to support himself, but the bulk of his funds came from his parents. The cubical OpenSat weighs 1 kg (2.2 lbs) and measures 10 cubic centimeters. It will transmit information about the working status of its battery, the temperature and rotation speed of the satellite's solar panel. […]

The components cost only 500,000 won ($440). But the cost for launching it hit 120 million won after Song signed a contract with NovaNano, a French technology company, which acted as a broker to arrange the launch, including submitting paperwork and finding a rocket. The satellite will be launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in December with another satellite.

Watch out, Nasa! Korean launches $500 satellite built from scavenged parts - and could kick off a DIY space race (via Reddit)