Irans Nuclear Things under Cyber-Attack by AC/DC-Fans

Angeblich sind Irans Nuklear-Anlagen grade wieder einem Cyber-Angriff ausgesetzt und infolge dessen plärrt aus den Boxen der Rechner dort nachts AC/DCs „Thunderstruck“. Der Song wird von der US-Armee als Soundtrack in offiziellen Werbevideos eingesetzt, erscheint mir daher gar nicht so unwahrscheinlich.

A purported Iran scientist working for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran e-mailed an SOS to F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen this weekend, saying the AEOI was under a cyber attack. […]

According to the e-mail, the malware shut down the AEOI “automation network” in its Natanz and Fordo facilities. The “scientist” specifically mentions Siemens hardware, which could be a reference to SCADA systems, or control systems that electronically monitor and power various pieces of industrial infrastructure. These systems were targeted by the Stuxnet virus that brought down part of Iran’s nuclear fuel systems in 2010. He also mentions that the malware turned on computer’s volumes to high and blasted what appeared to be ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC. Cyber criminals have to have a little humor too.

Report suggests malware hits Iran atomic organization, blasts AC/DC at night (via Geekosystem)