Tokyos Robot-Girl Club

Im Tokyoter Rotlichtbezirk Shinjuku Kabukicho hat ein neuer Club namens Shinjuku Robot voller echter und mechanischer Robot-Mädels aufgemacht. Jetzt bitte noch einen Bot-Puff für Robot-Sex in Akihabara und alles wird gut.

Built at a cost of 10 billion yen (they say...), the Robot Restaurant combines garish lighting, with female robots and flesh & blood cabaret girls for a hallucinatory experience that will hopefully do for the jaded, thrill-seeking salarymen of Japan what “Chuck E. Cheese” does for little kids.

For an entrance fee of around US$37.00, patrons and stare slack-jawed as enormous Cutey Honey-esque robots roll around controlled by comely “pilots”. Army girls patrol the allies of smiles for enemy robots on armored vehicles that would shame anything in Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade! They also zip around through technicolor LED landscapes on actual motorbikes!

Eye-popping Robot Girls Restaurant Opens in Tokyo!, mehr bei Danny Choo: Tokyo Robot Restaurant (via io9)