Batman-Gadget-Supercut, Set-Fotos from the 60s and the Batmobile-Doku

 Youtube Direktbatarang, via Wired

Morgen startet The Dark Knight Rises in den USA (bei uns nächste Woche) und mein Feedreader spuckt ein Batman-Item nach dem anderen aus, hier die drei besten davon. Oben erstmal ein Batman-Gadget-Supercut, nach dem Klick noch LIFEMags Fotos vom Set der Batman-Serie mit Adam West und die gestern ausgestrahlte Batmobile-Doku. Also: The I am Batman-Supercut.

LIFE-Mag: Behind the Scenes on the ‘Batman’ TV Show offers some rare photos (most of them never published in LIFE) from the set of the classic old show, in fond celebration of another, lighter side of Gotham’s masked avenger. As LIFE magazine told its readers when Batman was entertaining TV audiences for the very first time:

It’s all over the place. Madness! Supermadness! The entertainment world offers it on all sides, and the public gobbles it up. Batman conquers TV. Kids swing Batman capes in the back yard, and Bat products are everywhere….

Batman swooped from the comic books to the TV screen only a few weeks ago and is already among the top 10 sows, one of the great sudden successes in entertainment history. The hero is still his spooky but saintly self, a Dracula with a halo who pops out of his Bat lair to foil enemies with mysterious weapons. Adults can take it as a joke or lap it up like kids. Either way, batman wins.

Batmobile Doku Teil 1
 Youtube Direktmobile, via Cinematze

Batmobile Doku Teil 2
 Youtube Direktbat

CW's short-version broadcast of 'The Batmobile', the history of the Batmobile + ad/mini-trailer. Starts w/ 1966 Ford Futura concept-car converted into 1st Batmobile, thru the 1st-3 movie-versions [part1of2], & lots about the Tumbler [part2of2].

Pictures, illustrations & archival footage help chronicle an exploration of the history & evolution of the Batmobile. Along with the actual Batmobile designers & builders!, interviews include: directors Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan & Joel Schumacher, & actors Christian Bale & Adam West.