Alfred Hitchcocks Rules for watching Psycho

Schöner Clip aus dem Academy Film Archive mit Hitchcocks „Press Book on Film“, in dem er die Regeln zum Psycho-Gucken erklärt. Hitchcock hatte damals die komplette Promo für den Film selbst übernommen, Anthony Perkins und Janet Leigh Fernsehauftritte untersagt und eine „No Late Admission“ ausgerufen. Leute, die zu spät ins Kino kamen, wurden nicht mehr reingelassen.

 Youtube Direktpsycho, via Dangerous Minds

Showings of the film began on a tightly-controlled schedule in theatres in New York, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. And a firm “no late admission” policy was put in place. You either saw the film from the very beginning, or you didn’t see it all. Signs appeared in front of cinemas reading:

We won’t allow you to cheat yourself. You must see PSYCHO from the very beginning. Therefore, do not expect to be admitted into the theatre after the start of each performance of the picture. We say no one — and we mean no one — not even the manager’s brother, the President of the United States, or the Queen of England (God bless her)!

Theatre managers initially balked at the idea, fearing financial losses. But Hitchcock had his way.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rules for Watching Psycho (1960)