Fuck Off-Lessons for UK Students

Toller Unterrichtsstoff für 12jährige Schüler einer englischen Schule, die Beschimpfungen nach ihrem Unterhaltungswert Beleidigungs-Wert einstufen sollten. Regen sich jetzt natürlich ein paar Hypokraten drüber auf, ich find's aber tatsächlich okay.

A school has sparked fury by teaching children as young as 11 highly ­offensive swear words. Pupils were handed out ­worksheets asking whether they thought bad language, including the word c*** was appropriate or not. Angry dad Lawrence Sparks said he was “disgusted” when daughter Lauren, 12, brought the paper home.

The 52-year-old added: “It is teaching kids bad language to me. "When they have sex ­education lessons they ask the parents whether they want their children involved and this should be the same.

That'll teach you to swear: Pupils aged 11 given lessons in four-letter words (via Arbroath)