Bitcoin Vending Machine

Schöne Arbeit von Max F. Albrecht an der Bauhaus-Uni in Weimar, ein Offline-Geldautomat für Bitcoins, im Bitcoin-Forum erklärt er, wie das Ding funktioniert und wie er das Teil ausbauen will:

For the summer exhibition of my fine art studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and in cooperation with our local hackspace I build a mechanical Bitcoin vending machine. It repurposes an used vending machine, takes your 1€-Coin and spits a little box containing a link to an webwallet containing 1€ (minus the material costs).

I think this project is of interest to the bitcoin community as I also try to explore the possibilities of Bitcoin POS systems and also the design of physical representations of Bitcoins and usability aspects.

Bitcoin Vending Machine – Exchange Euro coins for Bitcoin (wallets) (via The Verge)