10 Years of internal Atari Mails, 82-92

Jed Margolin hat vor zehn Jahren 3 Gigabyte 4 Megabyte mit internen Atari-Mails und Memos aus den Jahren 82 bis 92 online gestellt und die lese ich grade ungezielt quer. Ist 'ne Mischung aus Retrotech-Porn und Techie-Corporate-Geblubber und die Stellen, in denen sie intern über Piraten diskutieren und sich über geleakte Cartridges beschweren sind pures Gold. Es gab 1985 übrigens ein BBC namens Pirates Bad, die Nummer war 415 775 2384. Kein Scheiß!

Legacy was stolen by someone outside Atari and I believe it could not be prevented. These things happen and part of our business. The people involved are going to be nailed. The sad part is that a copy showed up at Atari.

Auf seiner Website hat Margolin ein paar Details zu den Mails aufgeschrieben:

VAX Mail wasn't as sophisticated as Email; it was limited to ASCII text with no attachments. ASCII text was fine. Besides, I don't think HTML had been invented yet. And you didn't need attachments. If you wanted someone to have your file you just set the Protection Level of your file so they could read it.

The first users of the VAX were the PC Department (to do PC Boards), the Programmers, and me (a Hardware Engineer who also wrote software in order to test hardware in an organized and repeatable manner.) I also used it to write memos and status reports. Before the VAX, the procedure for getting something typed was to write it by hand and give it to the Department Secretary. We had several Department Secretaries, but only one at a time. Since I was a peon ("Let's go peon Jed") my memos and status reports were done last, or sometimes not at all. Sometimes I had to write them out by hand. With the VAX, I could actually produce legible memos. In any event, the ones done before the VAX were done on paper only and were left behind in my filing cabinet when I left the Company.

My Vax Mail, Memos, and Status Reports from Atari/Atari Games 1982-1992