Shortfilm made from NASA-Footage about Robbie, the living Robot

 Vimeo Direktrobbie

Schöner Kurzfilm von Neil Harvey, den er aus Videos der NASA zusammengeschnitten hat und der die Story von Robbie erzählt, einem tausend Jahre alten Roboter, der ein Bewusstsein erlangt hat und in der ISS durch's All fliegt.

2032. That was the year Robbie became self-aware, but no “SkyNet” dystopian future followed. Robbie is nice. He enjoys being helpful. He is good friends with the human astronauts, and became a practicing Catholic. Robbie has a fascination and affinity for humankind, but is not one of us, making him an excellent narrator for humanity’s fall.

Robbie is a brilliant short film from Australia’s Neil Harvey. Created entirely of NASA archival footage, Harvey, through editing and the writing of Robbie’s monologue, constructs a touching, powerfully elegiac narrative around his robot main character, one which, in true sci-fi fashion, transverse boundaries of human nature, and vast amounts of time.