iPhone 5 Icecream

Lieblingseis der Studenten in China grade: iPhone5. Man beachte das Internet Explorer-Icon auf dem Handy. Und das Statement des „staff member of Shenyang industrial and Commercial Bureau“ ist auch lustig.

The price of “iPhone 5” is 1 yuan. Although the ice cream sells really well, the ice cream shop owner told the reporter that it tastes nothing special.

It is an ice cream but with the name of the most popular smart phone, is this not copyright infringement? A staff member of Shenyang industrial and Commercial Bureau told the reporter, “A trademark registration is related to many areas, if Apple does not register the trademark “iPhone” in the food sector, then production of “iPhone 5” ice-cream is not copyright infringement.”

Shhh, Don't Tell Apple About China's Iphone 5 Ice Cream! (via Reddit)