Augmented Reality Girlfriend

 Youtube Direktgirl

Ein Japaner hat sich per Kinect-Hack und Videobrille ein Date im Park mit Hatsune Miku programmiert. Ist technisch tatsächlich ziemlich beeindruckend, grade gegen Ende des Videos, ich habe Augmented Reality draußen noch nicht so gut gesehen. Add Google Glasses to this and you have the future. Was macht man als Nerd nicht alles, um mal wieder ans Tageslicht zu kommen.

The character chosen to show off this augmented reality girlfriend tech is [Hatsune Miku], a voice synthesizer personified as a doll-eyed anime avatar. [Miku] is an immensely popular character in Japan, with thousands of people going to her concerts, so choosing her for this augmented reality girlfriend project was an obvious choice.

The build details for this hack are a little sparse, confounded by the horrible Google Translate results of the blog linked in the YouTube description. From what we can gather from the video and this twitter account, the build is based on an ASUS Xtion Kinect clone and a nice pair of video goggles.

Going to the park with your augmented reality girlfriend