The Underground New York Public Library

Ourit Ben-Haim dokumentiert auf Tumblr seit Dezember 2011 Leser und ihre Bücher in der New Yorker U-Bahn: The Underground New York Public Library. Die Fotos gibt's auch gesammelt in einem Flickr-Set, die Storys zu den Bildern nur auf der Website. Tolles Projekt! Aus einem Interview mit Ben-Haim:

What inspired you to begin the UNYPL?
The first time I photographed a subway reader, I did it just out of photographic instincts. After that I felt compelled to do it again, and the photographs I collected inspired me to build a visual library. Concentrating on the Reading-Riders led me to discover layers of meaning in their presence and activity. In time I resolved to create an extensive series, in revelation, preservation, and celebration of them.

What does a book say about its reader?
To read is to be willing to engage ourselves towards discovery. Reading any book demonstrates this willingness. When I see the Reading-Riders, I see people who are contemplating description of new possibilities. In this way, every book says that its reader is simply great.

Reading & Riding New York’s Underground