Experimental Typography from Marshmallow Laser Feast

 Vimeo Direkttype, via Coudal

Tolle experimentale Typo von Marshmallow Laser Feast, die Text auf einem Laptopscreen gefilmt und die Helligkeit des Videofeeds als Werte für die Extrusion der Fonts in einem dreidimensionalen Raum interpretiert haben. Irgendwie so.

All the text is generated from a realtime system. It went something like this: HD webcam filming text on the laptop screen. Waggle the camera, change focus, waggle a ruler in front of the lens, focus, calm movement, finish with a waggle. This signal fed into another laptop running Openframeworks. This app took the luminance of the video feed and extruded it in z depth. The parameters in the app where mapped to a midi controller so we could waggle. This signal was projected onto a back projection screen and filmed with a 5DmkII. Once the system was set-up content creation was really quick but more importantly it was organic and rather jolly!