How To design an Elvis-Mouse

Sehr schöne Arbeit von Koby Barhad, der ein Haar von Elvis auf Ebay kaufte, dieses von einem Gensequenzer analysieren lies und mit diesen Daten von einer anderen Firma eine Maus mit dem Gen-Material des King of Rock kreuzen lies. Die „Psyche“ der Gen-Elvis-Maus hat er dann mit an das Leben des King angepassten Maus-Käfigen auf Verhaltensweisen von Presley trainiert. OMG! Elvis-Mice!

The first online stop is Ebay where the designer bought a hair from Elvis Presley for $22. He sent it to a gene sequencing lab that advertise its services online. The scientists working at the lab are able to identify different behavioural traits (such as sociability, athletic performance, obesity or addiction) from one speck of hair. Koby then sent the data collected about the genes to another lab which is able to produce transgenic mice clones with parallel traits. The result is a mouse that is a genetically cloned model of Elvis.

In parallel to the works performed by these laboratories, Koby has been studying the scientific mouse model environments that have been used on lab mice over the past 100 years. The cages have been designed to study and manipulate psychological aspects of mice.

Koby then made his own cages. But his were intended to reconstruct some of the most influential moments in the life of Elvis. Each of these cages offers a specific environment that is designed to influence the psychology of the mouse and make it closer to Elvis'.

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