The Midnight Archive: Vintage Machines Collection

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Ronni Thomas hat mir grade die neue Folge seiner Midnight Archives geschickt, diesmal geht's die um die ollen Maschinen von Tim Mullen, der mehrere alte Röntgenapparate und vintage Radios und solches Zeug zuhause rumstehen hat. Ronni schreibt mir: „New Episode - this time around we explore the amazing collection of Tim Mullen - Collector of Old Machines - his place was a paradise for machines doomed to extinction - and also pretty much the set of every mad scientist movie from 1920-1955“.

The Tim Mullen Collection - This episode takes a look at the collection of NYC's Tim Mullen, an engineer with a soft spot for Antique Machinery... His amazing apartment is LITTERED with Machines from before the turn of the century and onwards. The scope of it was pretty hard to capture on film but i hope we did a good job of it. X-Ray Machines, Vicotrian hospital devices, Old TVs and Radios, and my favorite - a funeral fan (complete with burning jesus lighting) are just a few of the many amazing items in this electirfying collection

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