Cocktails frozen with Liquid Nitrogen

Kazmataz erklärt auf Instructables, wie man aus Cocktails und flüssigem Stickstoff Drinks am Stiel macht: Cocksicles. Ich mag's ja sehr, dass man die Dinger danach tatsächlich aufwärmen muss.

While it is impossible to freeze alcohol in a traditional freezer, liquid nitrogen is cold enough to make a boozy pop nice and firm. I got this idea from my Grandpa, who, back in his engineering days in the 50's, would enjoy a "bourbon-sicle" in the lab with his coworkers. They simply filled a dixie cup with bourbon, put a stick in it, and submerged the entire thing in liquid nitrogen.

After a few rounds of testing, I've developed a slightly safer process for making these pops on your own. Because when it's hot out, what's better than an extremely cold treat? An alcoholic one.

Cocktail Popsicles (aka Cocksicles) (via Boing Boing)