Scream-activated Photoboot

Billy Hunt hat eine Boombox so umgebaut, dass sie Fotos schießt, sobald ein bestimmter Lautstärkepegel überschritten wird. Nette Idee, leider gibt's keine Bilder der Boombox… die hätte ich gerne mal gesehen.

The Screamotron3000 is an converted boom box that takes a photo when you scream. Think Rube Goldberg meets the Wizard of Oz. […] One thing I did not anticipate was the project’s mass appeal. A line of people from all walks of life showed up. They brought dogs and costumes. They cursed and spit at me, called me names and made their babies cry for the camera.

Scream Portraits (via Seitvertreib)

[update] Hier die Boombox (Danke Schlurt!)…

Von Wired:

Hunt’s device consists of a microphone threaded through a boom box, which wirelessly fires a camera through a PocketWizard. The technology for the project is Hunt’s brainchild, but the actual engineering was done by a local camera shop in Charlottesville, Virginia, where Hunt is based. He took a large karaoke boom box into Pro Camera and they rigged it so that that when the levels from the input line (where the microphone is connected) senses a certain decibel of noise it puts out a little electric message that triggers a pocket wizard.