Interactive Seesaw with a Physics Engine

 Vimeo Direktsaw

Schöne Arbeit von Eness, die eine Schaukel mit Physics-Engine und 'nem „Equilizer“ als Visualisierung gebaut haben. Sie schreiben mir: „The Light Seesaw by ENESS is no ordinary seesaw, climb on and a ball of light will shoot from one end to the other as you saw through the air.“

We bring home a playful new work exploring worldly forces and objects at play in the familiar childhood seesaw. Climb on and watch how a Pingpong ball might bounce on the moon, or how a balloon might wade through yogurt. Choose the atmosphere surrounding your object- air, water, space and even yogurt and observe the ball of light as it hurls your way. Our seesaw is equipped with a physics engine and thirty three rows of light that respond to your tilt whilst you saw through the air.

A TILT OF LIGHT - No ordinary seesaw