Creepy Alien-Testshoots with Bolaj Badejo without Xenomorph-Suit

 Youtube Direktalien, via Daniel

Das Internet hat einen alten Alien-Testshot ausgegraben, indem Bolaj Badejo – der schlacksige schwarze Hühne, der das Alien spielte – ohne H.R. Gigers Xenomorph-Kostüm durch die Nostromo schleicht. Kannte ich auch noch nicht, den Clip. Außerdem hat das Alienseries-Blog ein altes Interview mit ihm aus Cinefantastique 1979, in dem er ein wenig von der Produktion des Foodporn-Klassikers erzählt und verrät, das Ridley Scott tausend weitere Ideen hatte, die nicht realisierbar waren und das Viech auch deshalb so wenig im Film zu sehen ist. Glück gehabt, der Film gewann dadurch 300% an Atmosphäre und wurde so zu dem Klassiker, der er heute ist.

HR Giger made the Alien suits worn by Bolaji and the stuntman out of latex, at a cost of more than $250,000. The suit consisted of some ten to fifteen separate pieces, worn over a one-piece black body suit, needed underneath to disguise the fact that the Alien fitted together in sections, and because you could see through parts of it, like the ribcage. The ribcage was put on like a sweater, over the head. The legs and hips were put on separately as sleeves, fitted over with gloves for the hands. The tail was attached separately and operated by a series of wires. Feet were worn like shoes. The head was placed on last. Bolaji likened wearing it to having your head stuck up the middle of a huge banana.

"The Nostromo set itself was only about 6'6 high. I'm 6'10, 7' with the suit on. I had to be very careful how I spun around or did anything. It was terribly hot, especially the head. I could only have it on for about fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. When I took it off, my head would be soaked."

Interview with Bolaji Badejo, 1979