John Kricfalusis Shirt-Commercial

John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy) hat ein Commercial für seine Stüssy-Shirts animiert, auf seinem Blog erzählt er ein wenig vom Making Of, die Shirts gibt's im Stüssy-Shop.

Hey I drew some more shirt designs for Stussy and the brilliant and innovative art director, Adam Jay Weissman asked me to make a cartoon to advertise it. Rather than just do a pure ad, I asked if I could make a little story and embed the ad in it. […] I Drew the storyboards with ball point pen on a crappy newsprint sketchbook. Then I animated the cartoon on a cintiq using Toonboom's Animate program. It's 90% hand drawn with a few tweening cheats.

Stussy Puts the Violence Back Into Cartoons!