Portable MethLab at Walmart

08.06.2012 Misc #Crime #Drugs

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 Youtube Direktmeth, via Boing Boing

Eine Dame, die man beim Ladendiebstahl in 'nem Walmart erwischte, hat sich in dem Untersuchungsraum erstmal eine Portion Meth in ihrem mobilen „Shake'n'Bake“-Methlab gekocht. Kids these days…

A south St. Louis County Walmart was evacuated after a woman detained for shoplifting was making meth in the loss prevention office.

St. Louis County police responded to the Walmart on Telegraph Road near Interstate 255 for a report of a woman shoplifting. Loss prevention had detained the woman, and she was placed in a holding area until officers arrived. While she was detained, she had a 20 ounce soda bottle in her purse that was cooking meth while she was in the holding room. Because meth is known to explode, the store was immediately evacuated.

Woman detained for shoplifting from Walmart cooks meth in holding room

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