Interviews with some serious Sneaker-Collectors

Ab morgen kann man in London potthässliche Nike-Treter von Kanye West kaufen für rund 300 Euro und es gibt tatsächlich Leute, die nachts auf der Straße vor'm Laden gepennt haben für ein Armband, das ihnen die Latschen sichert. Vice hat ein paar davon interviewt. I can't believe these people actually exist.

VICE: Martin, you look like you’ve been through a revolution.
Martin: I slept the night before last. At around 12PM yesterday, when they opened, it was just mayhem. Everyone charged the gate. Security, there was only two of them… I don’t know, I reckon there must have been at least 250-300 people. In the end we stayed on, a spokesperson came out and apologised. They took my picture so they could remember me for today.

So will they let you in today?
I tried, but few people at the front said, “I’m not letting you in before me.” I know people who have been queueing and stuff but I was queueing the night before. I had to take care of family business, but then I came back. I even brought my son here today.

Did you have a sleeping bag the night you stayed?
Nah man, I just roughed it out.

You look really tired, man.

Where did you piss?
Round the corner.

Is £210 good value? Please tell me, I have no clue, I wear plastic bags on my feet.
I think so. Other people would disagree. My wife calls me crazy; my parents don’t know why I’m here.

Do you hope your son feels the same way about trainers when he grows up?
To be honest no, not really.