Elvis Hologram in the Works

Die Jungs, die Tupac auf dem Coachella-Festival als „Hologram“ auf die Bühne holten, arbeiten an einem virtuellen Elvis für Konzerte und anderem Schnickschnack. One for the money, Two for the show, Three to get ready and four to go.

The same digital production company that created the virtual Tupac for this year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is working with CORE Media Group to "jointly develop, produce and own a series of 'virtual' Elvis Presley likenesses for a range of entertainment projects – from shows and appearances to film, TV and multi-platform productions throughout the world," a statement announces. […]

If "computer generated" Elvis will be in the vein of Digital Domain's "computer generated" Tupac, then fans can expect to see an eerily lifelike performance from The King of Rock and Roll one of these days, more than 30 years after his 1977 death at the age of 42.

Plans in place to create Elvis hologram (via Art Info)