New Drug caused all the Zombie-News last Week?

Die Polizei Miami warnt vor der neuen Droge „Cloud Nine“, einem Badesalz-Derivat (kein Witz), das die ganzen „Zombie“-Zwischenfälle der letzten Woche verursacht haben soll, wohl im Zusammenspiel mit Alk. Eine RealLife-Zombiedroge auf Badesalz-Basis. I break together.

Miami police have warned of a potent new mind-altering drug called "Cloud Nine," after a snarling homeless man threatened to eat two officers a week after a grisly face-gnawing attack. The ecstasy-like drug is part of a new line of over-the-counter "bath salts" implicated in an attack last week in which a growling naked man chewed off most of a homeless man's face before being shot dead by police. […]

In the latest incident, police took Brandon De Leon into custody after he entered a restaurant shouting obscenities and initially resisted arrest. On the way to the station he slammed his head against the plexiglass barrier in the patrol car, shouting to the officers: "I'm going to eat you!" Later, the 21-year-old growled and grunted like an animal, and tried to bite an officer's hand, police said, prompting them to fit him with a bite mask and leg restraints.

Miami police warn of new drug after grisly attack

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