Mr.Oizos Wrong Cops

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Marylin Manson bekommt Musikunterricht von Quentin Dupieux' Version des Bad Lieutenant, einem Gras-in-Ratten-vertickenden Cop, der zuhause bei Mutti Techno auflegt. Und… ich weiß es doch auch nicht.

FACT #1 :WRONG COPS is Quentin DUPIEUX’s third movie produced by REALITISM FILMS. It is a filthy 90 minute comedy about some disturbed cops. It is not a sequel to “WRONG”. Quentin Dupieux is just lazy with titles.

FACT #2 :WRONG COPS chapter one (13 minutes) will premiere at the 2012 Cannes Festival (Director’s fortnight selection) on May 24th at 4pm.

Wrong Cops (via MeFi)