Gory Bike Safety-Comics

Comics with Problems hat alle sechs Ausgaben der Comics, die im Herbst in Phoenix an Schulen verteilt werden: „A complete set of six comics intended for 4th to 8th grade public school students in Phoenix, AZ. Funded by a grant from the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety. Proposed for distribution in public schools, Fall 2012.“

A complete six issue set of "BICYCLE SAFETY" comics, which are among the most brutal and gruesome educational comics ever produced. They're perfect. These things rank among the truly great bomb scare comics of the 1950's, or the hysterical anti-communism comics of the 1960's. Click through and you'll see why. Intended for fourth grade kids! (News article about these comics) Easily the best 'scare em straight' PSA comics of the new millenium, we're pleased to present these BEFORE they are set to be distributed to public school students in the Fall 2012.

COMICS WITH PROBLEMS #50: "Bicycle Safety" Comic Books from Phoenix (and Captain Super Safe)