Dull and Boring become Sisters

Das schottische Kaff Dull hat sich mit der amerikanischen Stadt Boring zusammengetan. Ich schlage vor, dass die beiden noch das österreichische Fucking dazuholen, dann kann man schreiben: „Fucking Dull and Boring haben in einer gemeinsamen Erklärung verlauten lassen, dass keine der drei Städte fucking dull oder fucking boring sei, auch wenn die Namen etwas anderes suggerierten.“ Oder so.

Dull – thought to have derived its name from the Pictish word for fields – has a mere 84 residents, Boring – named after William H Boring, an early resident of the area – has a population of more than 10,000, scuppering chances of the two being officially twinned.

Determined to cement the links forged by the two names, the places have now become "sister communities", and could carry signs such as "Dull, in association with Boring" or "Dull, in sisterhood with Boring". Residents of both places wait with bated breath as officials in Boring, which is six hours behind the UK, voted on whether they could be officially linked. Any fears were quickly assuaged though as the Boring Community Planning Organisation in Oregon voted to make the two communities "a pair for the ages".

Dull and Boring? Not any more for Scottish village and US town (via Boing Boing)