Do Phones dream of electrical Sheep?

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 Vimeo Direktphone, via Motionographer

 Vimeo Direktphones

Schöne Kampagne für NCM Kinos um's Publikum daran zu erinnern, ihre Handys auszuschalten. Hier noch ein Making of der (teilweise) handgemachten Effekte und ein Snip von Creative Applications:

 Vimeo DirektFX

This ‘making of’ documentary shows how the “Dream” was created – new campaign to encourage moviegoers to turn off their mobile device in exchange for a custom mobile phone “dream.” Artisan (part of UVA) used d3 for their content mapping. Using perspective projection amongst other techniques, “The Dream” seems like a great project to show what d3 can do.

d3 is a c++ based framework developed in-house by UVA. Its life began with one of UVA’s first shows for Massive Attack, thereafter evolving into one of the most sophisticated tools for live media performance. Today UVA has a whole team dedicated to d3, both in terms of development and supply to other organisations.

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Animationdrop: Pictoplasma, Martin, Coke Habit, AMP Awards, Squares, Club100 Awards, AICP Opening Titles

Pictoplasma Festival 2017

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Nokia 3310 Putin-Edition

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Ferrofluidlike-Faces by DFMN. BTW: By coincidence this posting has the exact WordPress-ID 120000 which fits quite smoothly I guess.


Hübsche Arbeit von Udit Mahajan, unbedingt mit 'nem hochauflösenden Screen anschauen: Ad Infinitum. Audio-visual representations of waves and emanations that…

Denial of Service

Cool, glitch-style Musicvideo for and by Denial of Service und der Track kann auch bisschen was. (via Generate Me)