The Story of the Philip K. Dick-Robot

Slate hat ein Review von David F. Duftys Buch "How to Build an Android: The True Story of Philip K. Dick's Robotic Resurrection", einem Sachbuch über Cutting-Edge-Robotics, das sich an der echten Geschichte um den Philip K. Dick-Roboter entlanghangelt, einem Bot, der genauso aussah, wie der Autor von Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report oder A Scanner Darkly. Und dessen Kopf auf einem Flug verloren ging und nie wieder gefunden wurde. Außerdem liebe ich das Bild zum Artikel von Eric Mathews.

In 2005, David Hanson left Philip K. Dick’s head on a plane. Hanson, a roboticist, was en route to Google to present his team’s project— a painstakingly crafted android replication of the author, who died in 1982—when he changed planes and left behind a duffel bag. The robot’s head surfaced at a couple of airports around the American West before disappearing in Washington state, never to be found again.

Dick, the author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?—the source material for Blade Runner—was both deeply engaged with issues of artificial intelligence, and deeply paranoid. That is to say, he was the science fiction writer for whom being transformed into an android, and then having your head lost to the labyrinthine bureaucracy of an airline, might be considered most fitting. In How To Build an Android, David F. Dufty explains how Dick was made into a machine by an endearingly nerdy group of roboticists. Dufty, who observed the development of the robot while a postdoc, uses the unlikely story to meditate on the state of robotics and artificial intelligence. In particular, he describes the peculiar way humans interact with machines—and what it takes to make us feel as though a robot is alive.

The Android Head of Philip K. Dick - The unlikely story of the sci-fi author’s “robotic resurrection.”

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