Eulerian Video Magnification is a Microscope for Motion

04.06.2012 Misc Tech
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YT Direkteule, via MeFi

Ich verstehe nicht alles, was in diesem Video passiert, aber die Jungs haben einen Weg gefunden, um Bewegungen in Standard-Videos zu "vergrößern" oder zu verdeutlichen. So kann man dann beispielsweise den Puls eines Menschen in seinem Gesicht sehen. Und so ziemlich alle Überwachungstechnikdingsbumse wurden grade hellhörig.

Our goal is to reveal temporal variations in videos that are difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye and display them in an indicative manner. Our method, which we call Eulerian Video Magnification, takes a standard video sequence as input, and applies spatial decomposition, followed by temporal filtering to the frames. The resulting signal is then amplified to reveal hidden information. Using our method, we are able to visualize the flow of blood as it fills the face and also to amplify and reveal small motions. Our technique can run in real time to show phenomena occurring at temporal frequencies selected by the user.

Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World