Blockly: Googles visual Programming Language and the Coded Penis-Graffito

Google hat eine Programmiersprache zum Zusammenklicken vorgestellt: Blockly. Ziel ist, damit die Prinzipien von Coding jedermann zugänglich zu machen. Von Wired: "Blockly lets you build applications by piecing together small graphical objects in much the same way you’d piece together Legos. Each visual object is also a code object — a variable or a counter or an “if-then” statement or the like — and as you piece them to together, you create simple functions. And as you piece the functions together, you create entire applications — say, a game where you guide a tiny figurine through a maze."

Und was kommt dann dabei raus, wenn alle coden können? Gescriptete Penis-Graffiti: WE ENCOURAGED PEOPLE TO LEARN TO PROGRAM AND JUST LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED (via Boing Boing). This is what you get: