Internet Underground Music Archive is back from the Grave

YT Direktiuma

Das Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) war eins der ersten Online-Archive für Musik von Bands und Künstlern ohne Plattenvertrag. Das Teil wurde 1993 and der Uni Santa Cruz gegründet und Uploads liefen noch per FTP und Gopher, das ganze nahm bereits vor dem Siegeszug des Word Wide Web dank des Mosaic Browsers (Netscape) das ganze Dilemma vorweg, in dem die Musikindustrie heute steckt (siehe CNN-Bericht oben).

Nun hat Jason Scott von einen Data-Dump von John Gilmore (Gründer der EFF und der Alt-Newsgroups) online gestellt:

What I just spent most of the last week doing was taking some dupes of John’s backup tapes, writing scripts to ingest them into’s servers, and now I am going to tell you that I put IUMA back up.

Oh, you are in for a treat and a hell of a lot of modern musical history just got saved. This is over 45,000 bands and artists, and over 680,000 tracks of music. That number sounds made up, but I’m not kidding – six hundred and eighty thousand songs are in this collection. I did a back-of-the-google-calculator check and came up with 243 days of music – solid, 24-hour days of songs. You could leave it running now and look up in 2013 as your playlist ran out.

Where possible and where they were grabbed, I added descriptions from the HTML files for the site. Pictures do not appear to have been saved due to a quirk of the download (they kept the photos on a weird server) – but you have enough to go on.

Undo Del IUMA, Welcome to IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection