Genetically Engineered Sneakers from Stingray Leather

YT Direktsting, via Designboom

Rayfish Footwear bieten auf ihrer Website Schuhe aus dem Leder der Haut von angeblich genetisch modifizierten Stachelrochen an. DNA-Customized sozusagen, kostet auch nur 1500 Dollar. Sick.

at the rayfish footwear labs, they purportedly use the DNA which the have stored in their genetic library, to identify the genes responsible for color and pattern, implanting the synthetic 'supergene' cluster into fetal rays before they are born. as they grow and mature, they express the predetermined patterns on their skin. markings and coloration from dozens of varying species can be combined, resulting in an infinite variety of shoe designs.

using the brand's online 'grow sneaker tool' you can select elements from dozens of animal patterns and remix them into something that nature itself could never have even imagined. working on the manufacturing principle of 'one fish, one shoe', rayfish footwear raises stingrays in their thai aquaculture facility where the family-run business creates these handcrafted shoes.

shoes made from genetically engineered stingrays