Fuckfinger Protest-Route

Seit Tagen protestieren Studenten in Quebec gegen eine 75%ige Erhöhung der Studiengebühren und eine in Folge der Demonstrationen einfach mal eingeschränkte Versammlungsfreiheit. Daher hat man den Offiziellen der Stadt per Demo-Route einmal elegant den Stinkefinger gezeigt.

Here some explaination: Student in Quebec demonstrate against the raise of 75% of university tuition. Government is corrupted and don’t want to negociate. The population is divided, the media are controlled and send the message the student are spoiled brat, the police is recognized to make an abusive use of violence. Of course there is some extreme group who commited some violence act.

As an answer to get back the controlled of the situation, the government suspended the session and adopted a liberticide law restraining the right to demonstrate -demonstrator have to communicate the place, the route and time of the demonstration if not, people can be arrested and convicted of hive from 1k to 5k for demonstrated, 7k to 35k for spoke people and 25k to 125k for student association -pro day! this law- bill 78- is against the constitution therefore now the population go out every night à 8 o’clock with pans making noise to communicate their opposition. meanwhile the police began to do massive arrestation -500 people on wednesday night in mtl, and over 100 in quebec city and it is not over. That explaine this picture who show the path of a demonstration who has a clear message.

Protest Map Quebec, 500,000 in Montréal Say “Fuck You” to Emergency Protest Bill (via Doktor Katze)