Table from Typesetter Tray filled with Star Wars-Actionfigures

Eigentlich bin ich mit Star Wars ja durch, aber eben nicht so durch, dass ich diesen Setzkasten, den Etsy-User FaustX2 mit Star Wars-Actionfiguren gefüllt und sich damit 'nen Wohnzimmertisch gebaut hat, nicht völlig fantastisch finden würde. Bin ja nicht bescheuert. WANT!

This mixed media custom coffee table was made from reworked vintage printing press trays and a pair of vintage steel dock pallets. The interior display area is populated with a broad survey of Storm Troopers, Clone Troopers and other Imperial officers and droids from the various eras of Star Wars mythology. The pallets have been left rusted and all woodwork has been kept rough in keeping with the industrial style of the piece and are bound together with black steel wire.

Star Wars Coffee Table (via IZ Reloaded)