de/Rastra - Oscillographic Synthesizer and Computer Interface Made From A Old Television

15.05.2012 Misc #Synth #TV

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(Direktbewegtklangverdreher, via Publique)

Sehr kuhles Teil, das der Hacker Kyle Evans da aus einem alten Röhren-TV und einigen Sensoren zusammengelötet hat. Das Ding reagiert auf die Bewegungen seines Trägers und wandelt diese in Sound um. Nicht wirklich komfortabel, aber irgendwie schön anzusehen, auch wenn diese Performance ganz sicher niemand über 90 Minuten lang durchhält.

The de/Rastra oscillographic synthesizer is a real-time audio/video instrument and computer-interfacing device that allows a performer to generate visualizations intrinsic tocathode ray tube technology while simultaneously creating the acoustic analog of the displayed imagery. By way of building, bending and mutilating, de/Rastra shows the effects of altering the anatomical makeup of a CRT television, revealing the intrinsically hidden potentials of the technology through the repurposing and restructuring of its own ability. Through hacking and exploiting the capabilities intrinsic to all CRT devices, the technology becomes repurposed as a performative interface, breaking down the device’s ‘consumption only’ nature. The performer is given control over the technology by removing it from the intended application and forcing it into an active state through a combination of physical and mental effort.