Ping Pong-Countrys evil Controll-Room

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Niklas Roy hat mir grade sein neuestes Dings geschickt, ein Kontrollraum zur Sabotage der befreundeten Ping Pong Country-Installation von Bijan Dawallu und Remco Schuurbiers, die vor ein paar Jahren feststellten, dass Bier + Ping Pong + Country Music ein hervorragendes Kunstprojekt ergeben. Und weil ihnen das mit der Zeit zu langweilig wurde, hat Niklas nun einen Evil Controllroom dazu gebaut, in dem man mit Strobos und Ping Pong Rohrpost Unsinn veranstalten kann.

While some people play ping pong (preferably more than two players which then have to run around the table) another visitor can confuse the players via a separate control panel which is part of the sabotage edition: This destructive master mixer lets you switch the music to Heavy Metal (accompanied by disturbing strobe light); you can turn on fans on the ceiling for an additional wind challenge; you can just add some funny train and animal sounds with a supercool children’s toy, or – and now it comes – you can spill plenty of balls onto the ping pong table which you collected beforehand with the “Ping Pong Ball Suction Construction”!

This suction construction works quite simple: It mainly consists of 30m transparent acrylic tubing, 20m of plastic hose, some sanitary drain pipe connectors, an industrial grade 2200W vacuum cleaner and a custom built ball collector. This stuff is all mounted under the ceiling and at the walls of the exhibition room.

Ping Pong Ball Suction Construction

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