Ghosts with Shit Jobs - LoFi-SciFi-Feature-Film

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"Ghosts with Shit Jobs" ist 'ne LowFi-SciFi-Mockumentary, in der die wirtschaftlichen Rollen Chinas und Amerikas vertauscht sind und im Westen die Drecksarbeit gemacht wird. Der Film finanziert sich grade Screenings über Kickstarter, die ersten zwanzig Minuten gibt's auf Youtube, oben der Trailer und Art Threat hat ein kleines Interview:

“We couldn’t have made this movie 10 years ago,” said Young. He was optimistic about the potential in the rise of high-quality but affordable digital cameras, as well as the Internet — probably the best promotional vehicle for anyone without a marketing budget. Jim Munroe agreed: “We were able to put together a polished piece of work very cheaply.”

To see the light of day, Ghosts relied on equal parts enthusiasm and altruism. Nobody earned a penny working on it. Outside of his day job at Global Television, Young devoted 1,500 hours to the project, and Munroe put in a similar investment of time.

Given the main focus of Ghosts is work, there is an eerie but unintended parallel between its dystopian vision of the future and the current reality for filmmakers.

Ghosts with Shit Jobs - Is this $4,000 “lo-fi sci-fi” the future of Canadian Filmmaking?