Troma puts its Treasure Trove of Trash on Youtube

Thomas schreibt mir: "Troma stellt gerade offiziell zig Filme for free bei Youtube rein. Ein paar davon sind indiziert, deswegen habe ich da bei mir im Blog nur sehr indirekt drauf verwiesen. Falls Du das nicht so schlimm findest: Go! Hier das Statement vom Chef [und eine Liste der Filme, die sie bislang online gestellt haben]: The Tromamovies youtube channel is now up and running, und hier der Channel Bei Tromadance gibt's 'nen Paypalbutton - Onkel Lloyd freut sich über Kleingeld ;)"

YT Direktmonster

Featuring an all-star cast, eye-popping special effects, non-stop excitement, action and laughs, MONSTER IN THE CLOSET pays homage to many of the great films of the horror genre. If you liked Mel Brooks HIGH ANXIETY, you'll shriek with horror and humor at MONSTER IN THE CLOSET. San Francisco is the scene of a series of bizarre murders and all the murders have taken place in the victims' closets. A local newspaper editor (Jesse White) sends his obituary writer Richard (Donald Grant) to follow up on what he believes is a routine story; meanwhile, the murders continue.

A lovely couple (Paul Dooley and Stella Stevens) as well as a blind man (John Carradine) fall victim to the MONSTER IN THE CLOSET. When the monster finally decides to come out of the closet, the President declares a national emergency and sends the army, commanded by General Thurnbull (Donald Moffat) to destory it. Scary, hilarious, madcap and totally unpredictable. Monster in the Closet also two young performers who would go on to become major stars: Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious) and Stacy Ferguson (Fergie from the musical sensation Black Eyed Peas).